A mStrategy é uma empresa especializada no desenvolvimento de sistemas móveis, business intelligence e Internet, com o objetivo de oferecer soluções que não só refletem o estado da arte em tecnologia, mas também os diferenciais competitivos de nossos clientes e parceiros.

Com mais de 15 anos de presença no mercado farmacêutico, nossa reputação tem sido norteada por relacionamentos duradouros com clientes, suporte diferenciado de nossos produtos, rapida absorção de novas tecnologias e soluções inovadores para solucionar os mais complexos problemas.

We focus on “custom” rather than “vertical solutions” since by modeling an entire industry as advocated by “best-in-breed” approaches we would not be able to capture the particularities and the competitive differentiators of our clients. To guarantee ROI under that scenario, we count on the latest technological platforms, Patterns & Practices as well as on prototypes that by streamlining our development, reduces cost and time to market of our systems.


    Power of decision at the Sales Rep: Performance, demand, opportunities and incentives. Leveraging results & maximizing sales. Our solution empowers over 2.000 reps in 5 countries
  • Incentivos Farmacêuticos
    Over 10 years supporting the accrual and validation of Sales Force incentives compensation for the Pharma industry. Proven track record supporting highly complex strategies and computations
    Management of Pharma events with focus on Compliance and adherance to latest regulatory requirements. Covers conferences, campaigns and other marketing actions. Implements approval workflow with centralized management and full field force collaboration
    Business Automation Consulting and Development of custom mobile & web applications.

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